043007 - 043007 HIST 278 Hu Yaobang Zhao Ziyang Deng...

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043007 HIST 278 Hu Yaobang Zhao Ziyang Deng Xiaoping Jiang Zemin 1989 I. Deng a. Deng replacing Soviet policies with East Asian growth policies (ex: Japan, Taiwan…) b. Emphasizes reform over revolution II. From 1979 forward – major changes in international affairs a. From ’69-’72 – during the CR there was growing conflict with the Soviets, which leads to Mao and Zhou Enlai re-conceiving public strategy b. Process evolving through ’79 – when China became a member of the WTO c. Change in foreign policy – from depicting itself and choosing policies that are designed to portray itself as a world revolutionary leader to becoming a status quo power – joining international institutions and not trying to overthrow capitalist institutions of the world d. Leads to a lot more people going abroad – especially to the U.S. for education – in order to gain expertise for the four modernizations – tremendous growth in terms of person-to-person networks (between U.S. and China) III. Changes don’t come without stresses and strains – communes started to undermine party control in rural areas – lack of control in the rural areas was one of the downfalls of the KMT. In response, beginning in ’87, the party started to institute rural elections as a mean of trying to regain control to stabilize rural areas. By 1998 – all the villages were supposed to have elections. a. All the people who had been sent down – sitting around and wondering when they’d get to go back, still an issue ’78, ’79, ’80. Many coming back into urban areas illegally. b.
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043007 - 043007 HIST 278 Hu Yaobang Zhao Ziyang Deng...

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