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032907 CHIN339 “Remapping Shanghai” by Leo Lee Shanghai in the 1930s: a bustling cosmopolitan metropolis, “the Paris of Asia Chinese leftist writers: Shanghai was “a bastion of evil” and city of shame. Extraterritorial zones (foreign concessions): Chinese and foreigners were mixed together but led separate lives. New forms of cultural activity and expression made possible by new public structures and spaces for urban cultural production and consumption. Architecture and Urban Space o Contrast of old and new; Chinese and Western o Foreign concessions – shili yangchang (ten-mile long foreign zone): populated mostly by Chinese; the “other” world, exotic, capitalism o The Bund – heart of shili yangchang 1920s Neo-Grecian style Bronze lions symbolizing the accumulated wealth of British imperialism – capitalist desire Clock – replica of London’s “Big Ben” 1930s US emerged as a new power Shanghai’s International settlement – site of competing powers and architectural styles Multistory buildings – as a result of the new construction materials / technique in America Sharp contrast to Chinese architecture Socioeconomic inequality – according to your financial situation, you were either in the high-class, Western buildings or low-class, backwards Chinese buildings o Department Stores While deluxe Western hotels catered to the foreigners, department stores catered to the Chinese Located mostly on Nanking Road – commercial extension of the Bund Combination of consumerism and recreation: shops, dance halls, bars, coffeehouses, restaurants, hotels, etc. Universal providers: merchandise for people of all classes,
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032907 - 032907 CHIN339 "Remapping Shanghai" by...

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