040507 - 040507 CHIN339 Socialist Pop Culture "All our...

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040507 – CHIN339 Socialist Pop Culture “All our literature and art are for the masses of the people….” Mao I. Zhao Shuli (1906-70) a. Novelist and leading figure of modern Chinese literature b. His novels are set in the countryside of Northern China, explore dilemmas of villagers in times of social upheaval II. Marriage of Young Blacky a. Li the Sage, Third Fairy, Young Blacky, Qin b. Liujia Villiage, Liu the Sage and Third Fairy are fake oracles, their children want to get married, parents object but the Party overrules the household c. Tradition/old-religion vs. Communism d. Metal/fire vs. love e. Generational clash f. Ideological clash: match maker vs. choosing your own partner III. Talks at the Yenan Forum on Literature and Art a. Purpose: to fit art and literature properly into the whole revolutionary machine as one of its component parts b. Standpoint: that of the proletariat and the broad masses of the people c. Attitude: three different kinds of attitudes for three different kinds of people i. Enemy: expose their cruelty, inevitability of their defeat ii. Our allies: criticizing the enemy, iii. Our own people: praise for toil and struggle, educate them because they do have backwards thinking – enlighten them iv. Audience: workers, peasants, soldiers, cadres d. Four problems i. For whom are our art and literature intended? 1. Should be for the people ii. How to serve the masses? Elevation or popularization? 1. Popularization – extending art and literature among these people 2. Elevation – raising their level of artistic and literary appreciation 3. Popularization takes precedent over elevation, elevation takes place on the basis of popularization iii. Criteria of art and literary criticism 1. Political criterion – works should facilitate unity and
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040507 - 040507 CHIN339 Socialist Pop Culture "All our...

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