102606 - 102606 I. "Mail-order brides" a....

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102606 I. “Mail-order brides” a. “Marrying up” b. Indirect commentary – why can’t the men get the women in their home country? c. First world/third world power relationship d. Very clear who is the subject / object / aggressor / victim II. Mail-order bride a. Latina i. Describing her physical attractiveness but not over-asserting it ii. Being the ideal “wife” plus “Latina” attraction b. Orientalizing images c. Try and fulfill certain “duties” and characteristics of being a mail-order bride i. The kind of woman that would fulfill any kind of fantasy (sexual, emotional, and domestic) ii. Homogenizing and “flattening” of the people involved III. Romance on a Global Stage a. Is it really that simple? The dichotomy between the first-world man and the third- world woman i. The patriarchal man and the docile, obedient woman b. Contrast between “tragedies” and complexity c. Challenges the term “mail-order brides” i. “Discursively colonizes third-world women” – who is buying who? Buying and being bought is very clear, first-world buyer objectifying a
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102606 - 102606 I. "Mail-order brides" a....

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