110906 - WOST 206 11/09/06 Marginalities intersect with...

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WOST 206 – 11/09/06 Marginalities intersect with globalization processes, they found the channel to go abroad and find a job, gaining resources and the ability to bring those resources back home to negotiate their marginality. Material and ideological obstacles to women’s mobility – gender expectations (to stay at home, take care of children), embedded within the domestic sphere, the symbolic representation of the nation, leading to regulatory and representational moves to contain them. Argue a change in family structure / women’s roles to challenge these stigmas. But they are always kept at the margins by sending and receiving countries – prevented from exercising their autonomy / exercising choices over their life. No attempt to accept them or recognize them as experts in their fields or as agents of change. Their social, political, and economic change keeps them on a continuous journey – the transnational migration / continuous movements is what we’ve been trying to study. Agency – the capacity to act and to make decisions about their life. Structure vs. agency – as an individual, you are being structured and shaped by larger forces (whether it’s education, colonialism, historical forces, gender stereotypes…) while on the other hand, you are an individual who tries to resist these structures. Women on the Verge
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110906 - WOST 206 11/09/06 Marginalities intersect with...

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