1st essay - Dennis Collins Prof. Bouwman A Woman's Reaction...

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Dennis Collins Prof . Bouwman A Woman’s Reaction to Death 20 February 2008 In the poem “Funeral Blues” by W .H. Auden, the protagonist has just lost a loved one whom she misses very much . The woman’s lover is described as her other half and life doesn’t seem the same without him . Not only does the protagonist describe how much her lover meant to her but also uses different writing techniques to make the poem stand out more to the reader . In “Funeral Blues” W .H. Auden describes a woman’s want to be left alone in order to mourn through word choice and the want to hurry up the funeral process through rhyming . By reading into the word choice one can tell how the woman wants to just be left alone in peace and quiet from the world . Various sounds can not only annoy her but also bring back memories that may be too painful to think about at this time . In the first stanza the woman wants to “stop all the clocks, cut the phone lines” (Line 1) . The woman wants time to stop because it no longer matters and the phone lines cut off because communication is no longer important after the loss of her lover . Then the woman wants to “prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone” (Line 2) because, as dog owners know, a dog’s bark can create quite the headache and a dog will bug you until they get that bone they want . The sound of a piano can also bring back painful memories, for the woman, of going to balls or other dinners with her lover, which is why she
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This essay was uploaded on 04/20/2008 for the course ENGL 112 taught by Professor Bouwman during the Spring '08 term at St. Thomas.

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1st essay - Dennis Collins Prof. Bouwman A Woman's Reaction...

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