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2nd essay - Copy - Dennis Collins Prof Bouwman A Cure For...

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Dennis Collins Prof . Bouwman A Cure For Loneliness 7 April 2008 Being alone is different for everybody . At times it can be enjoyable and at other times it is the worst thing in the world . In Billy Collins’ The Trouble with Poetry and Other Poems , Collins writes about loneliness in many of his poems . The theme of loneliness is seen in “Traveling Alone”, “Boyhood” and “Boy Shooting at a Statue” . In these poems all of the speakers are lonely but use their imagination to help relieve their isolation from other people . The speakers in Collins’ poems spend so much time alone because they have the imagination to make up for social interaction . In “Traveling Alone” Collins talks about a speaker who is traveling and comes across different people, and he thinks that all the people want to get to know him but they lack the courage to ask him for his thoughts; when really the speaker lacks the courage to say “little more than ‘Thank you’ / and ‘Can you take this from me, please?’” (Line 14 – 15) . Soon after realizing that he can say no more than courteous phrases the speaker begins to think “that all of them were ready to open up, / to get to know me better, perhaps begin a friendship” (17 – 18) but that they can’t . If these people wanted to get know him better why would the speaker not try to talk to them? It is because he would rather imagine what their conversation could be about than what it really would be about . The speaker thinks that his
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This essay was uploaded on 04/20/2008 for the course ENGL 112 taught by Professor Bouwman during the Spring '08 term at St. Thomas.

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2nd essay - Copy - Dennis Collins Prof Bouwman A Cure For...

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