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2008 - jihad 3 Self Defense(The Greatest Jihad Hadith The...

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Majority of Arabs at the times were pagans. Uma - The community of believers. Al muhajirin - the first believers of Islam (people of mecca) Al Ansar - The helper; they were the one who helped mohammed while he was persecuted and they believed that they should follow im mohammaeds path after he died Muhajarin - Abu Bakr (Caliph from 632-634) Abu Bakrs job was to keep the newly established estate in Order. Umar (634-644) : They started to expand and control Syria Uthman (644-656 Ali (656-661) Process of Expansion : Economic, Political, Religion Juhd (effort or struggle or to strive; To exert maximum effort) 1) Personal Jihad 2) Communal Jihad - To be active in ones own community; to give back. (the lesser
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Unformatted text preview: jihad) 3) Self Defense (The Greatest Jihad) Hadith: The words of the prophet mohammed Quran: Word of God(Allah) as revieled through the angel gabriel. From 632 Faimah was mohammeds only living child. The opposer of Mohammed was known as Mu'wiya (uthmans cousin) He was the governor of syria. Ali was later assassinated by the opposition. Muawiya became caliph Mu'awiya founded the ummayya Dynasty (661 - 750) Death of Hassan and Hosein became known as Ashura Ali was known was the first Caliph (Imam) then hassan then Hossein Imam 12 dissapeard (Mahdi) and believer he will come back on the day of judgement...
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