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Mohammed was born around 570 A.D.-632 Was from a town in Mecca. By the time mohammed was 6 both of his parents had died and was raised by his uncle. Poetry was bonded the beduin together. Rivalry was strong even in the desert. Each clan had their own gods: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire. Clans worshiped many different earth spirits. Mohammed's world was the center of trade. Mohammed had a great flare for trade and became a merchant. He had a great talent for trade. He married a woman named Hadija Mohammed became known as Al' Amin. An angel appeared before him. The central tenant of Islam is that there is only one God; Allah. Islam had a universal appeal because it portrayed everyone as equals. This was one of the main reasons why Islam spread so quickly. Verbal Expression was the commanding force. Muslims = Those who surrender to God. The Quran is a revelation of spiritual teachings. The beauty of the Quran is celebrated in Islam.
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Unformatted text preview: Mohammed's opposition grew rapidly Mohammed's wife died on A.D. 622 AD is the muslim year of 1; Mohmammed left for Medina Islam sees itself in relation to other religions. Muslims face the Kabba in mecca as they pray The muslim army grew as many started to believe that Mohammed's victorys were at Gods hands 630 A.D. Mecca braced for the onslaught of Mohammed's 10,000 man army Mohammed entered the shrines of mecca and broke all the idols that the tribal system held and essentially unified the region of Islam. Mohammed was born in the Hashim Clan 5 Pillars of Islam: 1) Affirmation Of Faith (shahadah) 2) Pilgrimage to Mecca (Haj) 3) Pray 5 times a day (salat) 4) Fasting 5) Charity (Zakat) Other 5 pillars 1) Oness of Glad 2) The angels 3) The Prophets 4) The sacredness of the Quran 5) The day of judgement...
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