Fraternities - Fraternities Are Not Negative Social Groups...

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Fraternities Are Not Negative Social Groups The term “fraternity” generally refers to the all male social organizations that can be found across our country’s college and university campuses. There are various types of fraternities including: social, service, professional, and honorary. Most of these fraternities were founded on dedication to principles such as community service, academic achievement, and leadership qualities. The early history of fraternities began during the same time as the founding of our country in 1776 when the Phi Beta Kappa Society was formed at the College of William and Mary. Through the years since 1776 more and more fraternities began rising up throughout campuses across the country. Today, there are several hundred different fraternities nationally, with multiple on each college campus. Here on the USC campus Greek organizations play a big roll socially with over 20 fraternities with active chapters. The school has been deeply rooted in Greek Fraternities, with some of the first being established on campus during the late 1800s. They have always done their best to help benefit the school and give back in any way possible. However, even with all of the positive effects fraternities have many look upon them with a negative outlook. Movies such as Animal House depict “frat boys” as wild and crazy kids who drink, party, and hook up with girls too much. While this is a very funny and comedic look on fraternities it gives them an
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Fraternities - Fraternities Are Not Negative Social Groups...

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