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Lecture #2: Age of Exploration and Expansion I. European Expansion - Dramatic Changes in Society that led to Expansion A. Political: Centralization of Political Authority under the “New Monarchs” B. Economic: Shift in Focus from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic C. Religious: New Focus on the Spread of Christianity D. Technological: Advancements opened the door for expansion E. Curiosity: A burning desire to explore II. The Iberian Pioneers – A Century of Exploration (the Spanish and Portuguese) A. Why the Portuguese first? 1. Geography – located right on the Atlantic Ocean 2. Maritime Economy – rise of merchants in port cities (such as Lisbin) 3. Monarchy – relatively stable government B. 1419 – Prince Henry the Navigator – Portuguese Supported the voyage and established navigators, cartographers, and merchants in Lisbin. Reasons for expansion were religious, scientific, and patriotic C. 1487 – Bartholomew Dias – Portuguese Opens doors for new trade routes to the east D. 1492 - Enter the Spanish 1. 1492 – Spanish re-take Granada in the Reconquista Reconquista – men ready for personal gain through exploration Reasons for the Spanish entering the picture are unification and the Reconquista E. 1492 – Christopher Columbus – born Portuguese but sails for Spanish Lands in San Salvador and believes that he is in the east, so he renames the area
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Lecture__2_-_Age_of_Exploration_and_Expansion_-_Outline -...

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