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Lecture #8 – The Face of a New Nation I. Founders Vision of the New Nation A. Establish a Republic Ruled by consent of the people governed B. Get Rid of Monarchy Weaken and limit the government’s power (including both governers and the federal government) C. Government Ruled by Consent of the People Poor farmers and even some women gain the right to vote (the land requirements are lowered) D. Protect Liberty They wanted the government to protect the people’s rights and liberty The Bill of Rights – this becomes important to the founders (blacks were also “equal”) E. Ordered Inequality Creating the appearance of equality built into their system of government, they feared that the majority would rise-up against the elites II. Problems facing the United States A. Economic Crisis – following the Revolutionary war Debt is a major problem An economic crisis was caused by the cutting off of ports by the British There was a mass exodus of slaves from the south because of Lorde Dunbar’s Proclamation As a result there was massive inflation and a rebellion of the poor (ex. Shay’s Rebellion) B. Debate Over National Government – Constitutional Convention 1. Problems with the Articles of Confederation They realized that they needed a stronger federal government but faced a problem because the feds could not tax, settle land disputes, or raise funds to pay off war debts (they had no power) 2. Constitutional Convention, 1787 – Philadelphia Here they revised the Articles of Confederation It was a meeting of 55 delegates (all elite white men); the leader was James Madison This meeting was secret; no minutes were kept so that the Articles were
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Lecture__8_-_The_Face_of_the_New_Nation_-_Outline -...

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