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Lecture #9 – Nation Building I. American Expansion A. Reasons for Expansion Growth of population and looking for riches B. Why People Would Move Exploration, fleeing religious and racial persecution, or they were forced (such as the African Americans and Native Americans) C. The Louisiana Purchase, 1803 In 1801 France reappeared in America, they acquired much of the Spanish territory through a secret treaty; this lead to conflict between the Americans and the French This concerned Jefferson and he ordered James Madison to buy the territory from Napoleon for 15 million dollars; Napoleon had lost land in Haiti because of the Haitian Revolution and was in debt, so he sold the territory (he also didn’t want Britain to get involved) Many said that Jefferson had no right to purchase the territory but he said that he did because of the “necessary and proper” clause Lewis and Clark went to explore the territory and came back with promising comments; this resolved some of the problems but creates others between the north and the south D. Ramifications for Native Americans Americans move into the western territory and claim that the Native Americans still do not hold natural rights Indian Intercourse Act- 1790 – said that Americans would not seize Indian land, it would only be taken through treaties; the Indians tried to fight the settlers who
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Lecture__9_-_Nation_Building_-_Outline - Lecture#9 Nation...

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