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Lecture #13 - Social Reform, Manifest Destiny and Continued Westward Expansion I. Rise of Religious / Social Reform A. Who were the reformers? B. The Second Great Awakening, 1825-1837 C. Temperance 1. What Caused it? 2. How it formed D. Rise of Ultraism 1. How was it different from perfectionism? 2. The Millerites 3. The Oneida Community E. Creation of Spiritualism 1. How was it different? 2. What was the Central Philosophy? 3. What influence did it have? 4. The Continuing Influence F. Final Point about Religious Reform II. Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny A. Recap of westward expansion prior to 1840 B. Renewed interest in expansion 1. Reasons Why 2. What Three Core Conflicts Would this Create? C. Native American Relations D. Manifest Destiny 1. What was it? 2. What was the key principle? 3. led to diplomatic confrontation with Great Britain and a war with Mexico III. Increase in Territory A. Texas B. California IV. Growing divide between North and South – the coming of the Civil War
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Unformatted text preview: A. The debate over slavery – why? B. The Wilmot Proviso 1. Why was it important 2. The Conflicting sides of the debate 3. The Problem Terms Second Great Awakening Oneida Community Manifest Destiny Mexican American War Wilmot Proviso Questions 1. How did religious and social reform movements impact 19 th American society and who were the reformers? 2. Why was there a renewed interest in westward expansion in the 19 th century and what three core conflicts would expansion create? 3. What becomes of the Native Americans as a result of this renewed interest in expansion? 4. What was manifest destiny and why was it significant? 5. Why was the annexation of Texas such a big deal? and California? 6. How did expansion contribute to the growing divide between North and South? 7. What was the Wilmot Proviso and why is it significant? Readings The American Story- 305-328 (chapter 12); 329-351 (chapter 13)...
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