Lecture__15_-_The_Civil_War_-_Outline - Lecture #15 - The...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture #15 - The Civil War I. Outbreak of War A. The Ideology of War 1. The Southern Problem The south is going to war to protect the institution of slavery but there were many poor and middle class whites 2. Why Confederate Soldiers Fought The rich convinced the poor that they were protecting themselves against the northern aggression They also were fighting for Herrenvolk Democracy (the principle of keeping the white race superior and to keep them superior you need black slaves) 3. The Northern Problem The north opposes the war economically because they need raw goods (such as cotton) from the south and politically because many believed that it was time to just let the south go in peace 4. Why Union Soldiers Fought The north says the south violates democratic ideals and some northerners saw this as a way to end slavery B. The Spark that Set Off the War 1. Why was Fort Sumter Important? Fort Sumter was located on contested ground (it was claimed by both the north and the south) It was a federal fort in South Carolina 2. Why did each side want it? The south fought for economic reasons and the north believes that if they win this battle then they can quickly win the war 3. How did conflict develop? Before the outbreak the north was in control. Lincoln sent an unarmed convoy of supplies to the fort, southern soldiers fired on the convoy and...
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Lecture__15_-_The_Civil_War_-_Outline - Lecture #15 - The...

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