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Page 1 of 5 Krystle Flower VIS 159 Nate Harrison Essay 1: Industrial and Information Society In this essay, I will be discussing various forms of art and their connections with the industrial revolution or our modern information society: The Bauhaus and its’ constructionist mentality with the Gehry designs of present that promote organic, computer driven shapes, The abstract modern art that broke down forms and revealed the ‘true’ shape of objects with the generative art/media of today that utilizes computers to compose art that is constantly changing, and the films of Man Ray and Jacque Tati that explore these worlds through the use of film and filming techniques. The industrial revolution occurred with the rise of machinery and production lines within corporations. This change facilitated the adjustment from skilled labor to workers with knowledge that focused on a particular skill or work with a machine. A division in labor was perpetuated by this shift, giving a rise to the middle class sector of society. This middle class had no chance for upward mobility; Walter Benjamin speaks about this in his essay, considering that mass cultural items that are create by machine force this dumbing down of the workforce and prevents them from asking questions about social perspectives (Benjamin). Items that were produced on a factory line had no character, no discernible difference from one another than being produced on the same line. Meanwhile, today’s information society involves the manipulation of information and knowledge through he use of computers and modern technology. It involves utilizing media remixability and info-aesthetic oriented devices to create the pen-ultimate information-providing tool. This new means of creation and information gathering has rendered the function of human labor skills obsolete, yet at the same time created a new
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Page 2 of 5 Krystle Flower VIS 159 Nate Harrison branch of skill work that is important to have in our modern era of technology and information. Architecture is a prominent discussion amongst both spectrums of new art
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This essay was uploaded on 04/20/2008 for the course VIS 159 taught by Professor Manovich during the Winter '06 term at UCSD.

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Essay 1 - Page 1 of 5 Krystle Flower VIS 159 Nate Harrison...

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