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Steve Flynn BW10 1. Average return on capital and growth 2. They are making them with more expensive designs because people are attracted to that. Like the Francine, then they also offered their handbags for as low as 160 so everyone can own one. 3. They did by combining myriad compounds into a single pill, Atripla that is taken at bedtime. 4. They announced a sweeping remake of its stores that includes free refills and Internet access for regular customers, and more handcrafted coffee drinks. 5. Because technically buying any assets, in practical terms are exactly that. 6. A new Chinese labor law that took effect on Jan. 1 has significantly raised costs. Commodity and energy prices have gone up and have hammered the industry. 7. This article is about how the fed and congress are taking steps to stabilize housing and it
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Unformatted text preview: takes about the steps, the housing market is still bad and a good market will be a ways off. 8. When Motorola was one company all of the executives had to work with each other and were intertwined, now if they separate the execs can do what they each need to do to make every section the best. 9. Ireland: The end of the Miracle, this article is about how Ireland, the once envied country in Europe because of its growth, is going to slow down, with people losing jobs and exporters are getting clobbered. 10. After shocks at Bear Stearns, this is about how the once booming company Bear Stearns, is now getting bought by JP Morgan chase and now the ripple effect is happening, jobs are being lost stocks are getting wasted, and people don’t know who to blame....
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