brochure 1 - Your child needs to see exercise as natural...

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ding, because they can lose sensitivity in the mouth, resulting in choking. sting out their tongue when trying to eat. ng For Children with Cerebral Palsy Created By: Sabrina Lalley Jamie Martin Taryn Lytkenhoff Emily Forsberg Carly Muncy printed brochure paper that is available from many paper suppliers.] Bathing Lifting a child into the bath is one of the hardest things to do when your child has Cerebral Palsy here are some tips to help you as the parent out: The child should be lifted into the tub in a standing position Wash hair in sink if allowable Use a bath chair when your child gets older Use a terry towel to help the body with sensations and awareness Have grab bars and nonskid strips Exercise
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Exercise is an essential part in a child with Cerebral Palsy’s life. Low-tone children generally respond well to fast movements, while high-tone children respond better to a slower pace. Work with a physical and occupational therapist to help come up with the best exercise regiment for you child
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Unformatted text preview: Your child needs to see exercise as natural dont push them to do things that they dont want to do Make sure you allow them to try different kinds of exercises to find the one that they like the best Toilet Training All meals need to be at the same time everyday to keep your childs body regulated Make sure your child isnt distracted while trying to go one the toilet After a meal your child should be set on the toilet for 15 to 30 min or until the go Make sure you praise your child after they go Constipation is one of the major problems for children with Cerebral Palsy there are things you can do to relieve it o Fybrogel is an over counter prescription that can be used o Eat lots of fruits o Laxatives can be used to ease the pain...
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brochure 1 - Your child needs to see exercise as natural...

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