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TESP 124 Theology of Marriage - Syllabus

TESP 124 Theology of Marriage - Syllabus - TESP 124...

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Print this page TESP 124 Theology of Marriage - 39867 Instructor James W. Reites, S.J. Home Phone 408-554-4135 Office Phone 408-554-6959 Office Address 553 Franklin Street Office Hours TR 1:30-2:30 PM E-mail Via the Course Website: [email protected] Times TR 9:55-11:40 AM Start Date April 1, 2008 Course Credits 5 Required Text Julie Hanlon Rubio, A Christian Theology of Marriage and Family , (Paulist, 2003) Ed Kieran Scott and Michael Warren, ed., Perspectives on Marriage: A Reader. 2nd. ed. (New York: Oxford University Press, 2001). Richard Gaillardetz, A Daring Promise: A Spirituality of Christian Marriage, (Crossroad 2002) Catherine Wallace, For Fidelity: How Intimacy and Commitment Enrich Our Lives , (Knopf 1998) Selected Readings Posted on ANGEL Suggested Text Buber, Martin. I and Thou . Trans. by Walter Kaufmann. (New York: Charles Scribner, 1970). Wallerstein, Judith. The Good Marriage: How and Why Love Lasts . (New York: Warner, 1995). Martos, Joseph, Doors to the Sacred: A Historical Introduction to Sacraments in the Catholic Church . rev. ed., (Missouri: Liguori/Triumph, 2001). Schnarch, David, Passionate Marriage: Love, Sex, and Intimacy in Emotionally Committed Relationships, (New York: Owl Books, 1998). Course Description This course will investigate the moral and religious dimensions of marriage. Getting married is usually the most important moral decision anyone makes in life. In a Christian context, it is also a vocation or calling which makes marriage a committed life of response to God's invitation and continuing presence. What are the particular challenges and promises that Christian marriage faces in American culture? How do we make sense out of the human phenomenon of sexuality? Why have marriage and family been considered the best context for human sexual flourishing? Does religious commitment add new complications or new meaning to marriage? How do careers, different growth patterns, children aging parents, etc. change the relation of wife and husband over time? What are the spiritual and moral foundations for the virtue of fidelity that sustains this life commitment? What is the spirituality of marriage? Course Objectives This course is a third course in Religious Studies which is described by the Department as:
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Applications: Critical engagement of current, open-ended issues in religion. As the last required course, the third course should model on- going intellectual engagement with difficult questions and issues involving religion. In terms of cognitive development, this course should be organized around problems, issues, or controversies that require students to explore and assess multiple positions and then make intellectually defensible, integrative, and nuanced decisions.
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