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Phil 120 April 10th, 2008 Background Reading suggestions 1) Moral Responsibilities, ed. by J.D. Fischer Cornell U Press 1986 Intro Essay 2)Perspectives on Moral Responsibility ed. by J.D. Fischer Cornell U Press 1993 Intro Essay 3)A Contemporary Introduction to Free Will Oxford U Press, 05 (06) Reference: Stanford encyclopedia of Philosophy Terminology::: Causal Determinism "Free Will": All Possibilities, freedom to do otherwise vs. Actual Sequence, Acting Freely Compatibilism vs. incompatibilism (whether or not one is compatible with another) Metaphysical liberterianism:: We have free will, determinism would mean
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Unformatted text preview: no free will, therefore we are responsible. Causal Determinism)))) 1) Either C.D. is true or false. 2) If C.D. is true, we are not free, and therefore not morally responsible. 3) If C.D. is false, we are not free either since we are subject to randomness, and therefore we are not morally responsible. 4)We are not free and morally responsible Strawson: Optimists: compatibilists (free regardless of C.D.) Pessimists: incompatibilists (cannot be free with C.D.) Peter Van Inwagen: Libertarian: Believe we have free will, confident determinism is incompatible with free will...
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