align_all.m - a,b disp(sprintf aborting alignment for...

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Sheet1 Page 1 function time = align_all(bundle) %$Revision: 1.5 $ $Author: mmccann $ $Date: 2004/05/09 23:29:26 $ %align_all([bundle]) - runs align_waves on all waves files in directory % Gdir for each set of bundles. Can bun run on a specific bundle % if specified. Results are saved in global variable Galigns. Results % are written to disk with function save_aligns. Use compare_aligns % to visually verify the alignment results between waves. global Galigns Gdir Gnum_scans t0 = clock if nargin < 1 bundles = 1:get_num_bundles else bundles = [bundle] end for bun=bundles skip_bun = 0 disp(sprintf('alignment for all sectors in bundle %d\n',bun)) diff = 0 for i=1:Gnum_scans a = i b = mod(i,Gnum_scans)+1 S = load(sprintf('%s/%d.%d.waves.mat',Gdir,a,bun)) waves1 = S.waves S = load(sprintf('%s/%d.%d.waves.mat',Gdir,b,bun)) waves2 = S.waves if skip_bun == 0 if (size(waves1,1) < 40) | (size(waves2,1) < 40) disp(sprintf(' waves block for sector %d or %d too small', .
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Unformatted text preview: .. a,b)) disp(sprintf(' aborting alignment for bun %d\n', bun)) skip_bun = 1 else disp(sprintf(' alignment for sector %d with %d:',a,b)) al = align_waves(waves1,waves2) Galigns(i).first = al.first diff = diff + (al.first(2) - al.first(1)) Galigns(i).last = al.last Galigns(i).sample = al.sample end end end if skip_bun == 0 save_aligns(bun) disp(sprintf('total delta for bundle %d is %d\n',bun,diff)) end end time = round(etime(clock,t0)) function save_aligns(bundle) Sheet1 Page 2 % save_aligns - saves each of the alignment structures in global % struct array Galigns into individual files of the form % 1.1.align.mat, 2.1.align.mat in the directory specifed by Gdir. global Gdir Gnum_scans Galigns for i=1:Gnum_scans first = Galigns(i).first last = Galigns(i).last sample = Galigns(i).sample save(sprintf('%s/%d.%d.align.mat',Gdir,i,bundle),'first','last','sample') end...
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align_all.m - a,b disp(sprintf aborting alignment for...

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