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Sheet1 Page 1 function [ssdmean, ssdstd_dev] = find_stats_rand(wavemat1, wavemat2, numgrooves, numsamples, numwindows) %$Revision: 1.2 $ $Author: pcalamia $ $Date: 2004/05/09 22:48:21 $ % find_stats_rand(wave_matrix_1, wave_matrix_2, #_of_grooves, #_of_samples, num_windows) % finds the mean and standard deviation of the sum of squared differences % over num_windows random pairs of windows from wave_matrix_1 and wave_matrix_2 global Gdebug [h1,w1] = size(wavemat1) [h2,w2] = size(wavemat2) ssd = zeros(1, numwindows) A = zeros(numgrooves, numsamples) B = zeros(numgrooves, numsamples) for i = 1:numwindows %pick a random start groove in each wave matrix(skip the first and last 5)
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Unformatted text preview: startgroove1 = 5 + floor((h1-(numgrooves+10))*rand(1)) startgroove2 = 5 + floor((h2-(numgrooves+10))*rand(1)) %pick a random start sample in each wave matrix startsamp1 = ceil((w1-numsamples+1)*rand(1)) startsamp2 = ceil((w2-numsamples+1)*rand(1)) %compute ssd over the ith window A = wavemat1(startgroove1:startgroove1+numgrooves-1, startsamp1:startsamp1+numsamples-1) B = wavemat2(startgroove2:startgroove2+numgrooves-1, startsamp2:startsamp2+numsamples-1) ssd(i) = sum(sum( (A-B).^2)) end ssdmean = mean(ssd) ssdstd_dev = std(ssd) Sheet1 Page 2...
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find_stats_rand.m - startgroove1 = 5 +...

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