get_track.m - function get_track(max_mem,arg) % $Revision:...

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Sheet1 Page 1 function get_track(max_mem,arg) % $Revision: 1.12 $ $Author: nailon $ $Date: 2004/05/09 03:18:48 $ global track_piece global Gdir global Gdebug global Gsmooth_image if (nargin == 0) max_mem = 10000000 end if (max_mem < 10000000) error('max_mem must be at least 10000000') end patch_flag=0 if (nargin==2) if (strcmp(arg,'center-from-first')) patch_flag=1 end end %get_track(dirname, num_scans) - asks user to click on start/stop, % then creates the .trk.mat files from the .png files. global Grecord global delta global track_piece global Gdir global Gnum_scans colormap(gray) for num_img=1:Gnum_scans Grecord = imread(sprintf('%s/%d.png',Gdir,num_img)) sz = size(Grecord) figure(1) %imagesc(Grecord) %drawnow c = calcCenter(findOuterEdge) y=c(1) x=c(2) r=c(3) keyboard end [h w] = size(Grecord) if (Gdebug) colormap(gray) imagesc(Grecord)
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Sheet1 Page 2 drawnow end e %line([x 1], [y 1]) % get first,last track if (num_img==1) %[x1,y1] = ginput(1)
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get_track.m - function get_track(max_mem,arg) % $Revision:...

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