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Sheet1 Page 1 function get_waves %get_waves - runs get_wav for all the .trk.mat files in the directory, % and stores the Gwave's in #.waves.mat, where # is the image number. global Grecord global Gdelta global track_piece global Gdir global Gnum_scans global Gwave colormap(gray) dr = dir(sprintf('%s/*.trk.mat', Gdir)) [num_files dummy] = size(dr) num_bundles = num_files/Gnum_scans for sect=1:Gnum_scans for bun=1:num_bundles load(sprintf('%s/%d.%d.trk.mat',Gdir,sect,bun))
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Unformatted text preview: [angles, sums, track_starts] = get_wav waves = Gwave save(sprintf('%s/%d.%d.waves.mat', Gdir, sect, bun),'waves') end end % for num_img=1:num_files % raw_filename = dr(num_img).name % load(sprintf('%s/%s',Gdir, raw_filename)) % [angles, sums, track_starts] = get_wav % waves = Gwave % save(sprintf('%s/%s.waves.mat', Gdir, raw_filename(1:end-8)), 'waves') % end...
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