Chapter 5 Study Guide

An Introduction to the Bible: A Journey into Three Worlds, 7th Edition

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Religion 121L, Spring 2008 Hauer & Young, Chapter 5: The Nation Israel (Joshua, Judges, I & II Samuel, I & II Kings) Pay attention to the 3 worlds. Know key “facts” about literary and historical worlds of these books known collectively as the Former Prophets. Identify information about the composition of the text (AKA literary history) e.g. when, where, by whom, for whom, etc. was it composed. o j Why do scholars refer to this as the Deuteronomistic History? o Edited by a school or editor who took a deuteronomic perspective on events o Disobedience/Obedience is theme of Deut. Remember the types of criticism introduced in Chapter 2 and notice which ones Hauer and Young discuss as relevant to the text or book or group of books. Pay attention to the literary characteristics being considered (AKA to the text itself) Notice the genre or type of literature under discussion. Why might the succession narrative be regarded as a novella? o
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Chapter 5 Study Guide - Religion 121L, Spring 2008 Hauer...

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