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global warming - Global warming is a problem that will...

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Global warming is a problem that will eventually have a very negative impact on the world that we, our children, and our grandchildren will live in. The key word is eventually. Global warming does not affect us greatly today, but someday it will. Bjorn Lomborg’s article, Global Warming-Are We Doing the Right Thing? , addresses this topic and how we should deal with it. Lomborg makes it very obvious in his article that he thinks global warming is not an issue that needs to be addressed right now. One of the main reasons he thinks this is because it consumes too much of the economy’s money, 5 trillion dollars to be exact (218). Sure, that is a lot of money, but is it too much to spend to help our relatives in the future? The answer is no. One main problem with the world today is the human’s nature of greed. Maybe it is time for people to be more concerned about the future of their family. Lomborg thinks that the five trillion dollars needed to help prevent global warming is too much. However, it isn’t that much compared to the 900 trillion dollars that will be spent over the next century (219). Is a problem that could ruin our future relative’s lives not worth 1.8 percent of the economy’s income? Bjorn Lomborg doesn’t seem to think so. Lomborg states in his article that another reason global warming doesn’t need to
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global warming - Global warming is a problem that will...

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