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John Stanton Theology Essay October 12, 2007 Green Thoughts Poverty is a situation that does not receive the attention that it deserves in the world today. Poverty does not necessarily reflect a person’s character, rather some people are born into the horrible situation which they do not have control over. Many people overlook that and do not have sympathy for those in poverty. This led the more compassionate people to ask the question ‘What can we do for these people?’ One of the people who showed care for those in poverty was Peter Maurin. Maurin, along with Dorothy Day, founded the Catholic Worker Movement in 1933. The Catholic Worker Movement was started to begin a movement for nonviolent social change. What Maurin and the Catholic Worker Movement strived for was a decentralized society in which cooperation rather than duress was stressed. 1 Peter Maurin had a vision of what the future of society should be, where everyone cares for each other regardless of what social class they are from. In the Catholic Worker , Maurin stated: “People who are in need and are not afraid to beg give to people not in need the occasion to do good for goodness' sake. Modern society calls the beggar bum and panhandler and gives him the bum's rush. But the Greeks used to say that people in need are ambassadors of the gods. Although you may be called bums and panhandlers you are in 1
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fact the ambassadors of God. As God's ambassadors you should be given food, clothing and shelter by those who are able to give it.” 2 Maurin referred to his vision of a nonviolent, cooperative society as “the green revolution”. Peter Maurin wanted a world with a “worker- scholar synthesis”, in which students and workers could come together in an agricultural community and sweat and pray together. All of the
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green revolution - John Stanton Theology Essay Green...

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