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PLSC 112 Winter 2008 (Laverty) Study Guide for Exam 3 on 4/2/08 Study Questions for Chapter 6 (Congress) 1) What is the inherent conflict between representation and law-making, that all Congressional representatives must face? Is this conflict felt most strongly in the House or in the Senate? Why? 2) Discuss and describe the different types of representation that Congress provides. (Be sure to explain each type, don’t just list them.) 3) What are some specific powers granted to each chamber of Congress? 4) What are the terms of office (in years) for Representatives and for Senators? What percentage of the House and of the Senate run for office in a given Congressional election? Once elected, who does a Representative represent? Who does a Senator represent? 5) How does the difference in the length of terms and the nature of their constituencies influence the behavior of Representatives and Senators, while they are in office? 6) Who is eligible to run for Congressional office? What’s the difference between “low quality” and “high quality” candidates? How do the “incumbency advantage” and “coattail effect” relate to the probability of winning a Congressional race? 7) To what extent does the membership of Congress mirror the membership of the population it represents (US citizens)? Is it important that Congress “looks like” us? Why or why not? 8) Describe the leadership structure of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Make sure to discuss the following: Speaker of the House, Majority and Minority Leaders and Whips in the House, and Majority and Minority Leaders in the Senate. Who has more power over legislation and over his/her colleagues: the Speaker of the House, or the Senate Majority Leader, and why? 9) Why are the House and Senate divided into committees?
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/20/2008 for the course PLSC 112 taught by Professor Sidlow during the Winter '08 term at Eastern Michigan University.

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plsc_112_study_guide_exam_3 - PLSC 112 Winter 2008(Laverty...

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