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review_spring_08_exami - Reinforcement vs Punishment Forms...

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Review for EXAM I (50 multiple choice) Chapter 1 (only 5 questions from Ch.1 and 8) Myths about learning Correlational study vs. Experimental study Elaboration Chapter 8 Teacher directed vs. learner-directed instruction- is one better? Instructional Goals- why do we create them? Chapter 2 Behaviorism vs. Information Processing vs. Constructivism Social Learning Theory Encoding Storage and retrieval The three component model of memory (sensory register, working memory, long-term memory) The role of attention Interconnectedness of long-term memory Declarative vs. procedural knowledge Schema and Script Rote Learning Rehearsal, Organization, Elaboration Chapter 3 Operant conditioning Positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement *
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Unformatted text preview: Reinforcement vs. Punishment Forms of Punishment (i.e. Presentation and Removal) Negative Reinforcement vs. Punishment Extrinsic vs. intrinsic reinforcement Models Vicarious reinforcement, vicarious punishment Distributed Cognition Culture (as defined in the textbook) Shaping Chapter 4 Metacognition Comprehension Monitoring Illusion of knowing Self-regulation- How does a self-regulated person act? (motivation, beliefs) Transfer (positive vs. negative, general vs. specific) Convergent vs. Divergent Thinking Critical Thinking (definition, how to foster it in the classroom) Authentic activities...
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review_spring_08_exami - Reinforcement vs Punishment Forms...

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