West Civ paper 1.1 - 8 January 2007 Western Civilization 2...

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8 January 2007 Western Civilization 2 Professor Hull-Morris Essay #4 The Developments of the Scientific Revolution The Scientific Revolution brought changes to the world that tested how people viewed their beliefs: not only questioning conventional theories about the nature of the world, it also was challenging authority figures. The people who challenged the authority figures range from Renaissance artists to medieval scientists. This time period truly was a revolution of a new way of living and transformations into a secular, rational, and materialistic life from a Ptolemaic concept of the universe. In the Late Middle Ages, a Ptolemaic conception of the universe was widely accepted to explain the wonders of the world around them. Three main contributors to the Ptolemaic universe was Aristotle, Ptolemy, and Christian theology. They believed that the universe was made up of concentric spheres. The Earth was placed, fixed, in the center while the spheres rotated around the Earth. The spheres were supposedly made of a transparent, crystalline substance. There were ten orbs of light that rotated around the Earth and beyond that tenth orb was believed to be where God existed. The Ptolemaic universe was based on Christian thought and the ultimate goal of humans was to reach salvation to be with God at the other end of the universe. However, with many forms of science developments and research, this form of
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West Civ paper 1.1 - 8 January 2007 Western Civilization 2...

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