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Chap 8 and games log - Alvanna Oliphant Writ 2E Bright Jones S(July 2003 Let the games begin Pew Internet&American life report Steve Jones article

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Alvanna Oliphant January 22, 2008 Writ 2E Bright Jones, S. (July, 2003). Let the games begin. Steve Jones’ article is about the results that he got from surveying college students about how much they play video games. The results in the article seemed a little low for me. I think that children are playing video games way more than 20 minutes a day. It was interesting to see that non-white students play more video games than white students and that women play more computer games than men do. I don’t really think that they should include solitaire type games in the research because those are a different type of game. The reasons they gave for why women played more computer games than video games, I thought, was really sexist. They said that because there are no characters to pick in computer games and because there’s less violence, women like them more. I think girls are capable of playing games with violence in it without running away scared. I thought
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