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im an engineer - bridge that gap. There is a part in the...

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Alvanna O October 2, 2007 Writ 1E Hochstetler Thomas, Charlotte. “I’m An Engineer, I Don’t Need to Write.” Thomas’ article talks about how students today need to know that engineers need to know more than just math and science; they also need to know communication too. Thomas has many examples of graduated students in the working world that explain to students now how much writing engineers actually do. I agree with this article completely and I was even thinking of doing something in communications to show companies that I can write and speak also. I think that it’s important for engineers to learn communications skills because most people don’t know all the technical terms of engineer and engineers need to
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Unformatted text preview: bridge that gap. There is a part in the article where Thomas says that some engineers argue that “people should understand them because they’re in a technical field and don’t need to make themselves understood”. He goes on further saying that he disagrees with the above statement. This is the only part of the article that I disagree with. I don’t see why just engineers have to learn how to communicate better so others can understand them. To be fair, I think both sides, engineers and businessmen, should learn each others field to communicate better. Since it’s mostly the businessmen who don’t understand engineers, why can’t they learn some technical language too?...
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