Growth, Competition, Globalization

Growth, Competition, Globalization - -Sales Growth -until...

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- Sales Growth -until 2003 Apple had historically been hovering between $6B and $7B in sales (Morningstar) -in 2004, Apple achieved sales of $8.2B, or growth of 33.4%. (Morningstar) -in 2005, Apple had more than doubled the amount of growth from the previous year at 68.3%, or $13.9B in sales (Morningstar) -Over the past few years, Apple has grown to achieve $24.0B in sales (Morningstar), -iPod responsible for the increase in growth? -In 2006 Apple bought Pixar Animation studios and now is seen as one of the biggest shareholders in Walt Disney Co. - Competition -Apple competes in numerous markets in the technology sector from MP3 players to television entertainment -Apple dominates the MP3 market, both in digital downloads and mp3 player market -currently has a 72.3% market share, but has fallen from an all-time high of 92% in 2004 ( _mp3_player_market_in_february/) -the five major competitors are SanDisk (9.7%), Creative Labs (2.7%), and
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Growth, Competition, Globalization - -Sales Growth -until...

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