Listening - Listening #1: "Groovin' High", by...

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Listening #1: “Groovin’ High”, by Dizzy Gillespie -clarinets, bass, piano, saxophone, and what sounds like a brushed drum, trumpet -seems to be a give and take between the clarinets and the piano -seems to be a mixture of improvisation and thought out -at one point every instrument has its turn to lead the music -is upbeat and cheerful, lively -the beat is very uptempo -music itself makes me tap my foot and gives me the urge to snap the fingers Listening #2: “Two Bass Hit”, by Miles Davis and Thelonius Monk -loud, and again is very uptempo -can easily hear the drums, trumpet, piano, cymbals, bass -it sounds like the drummer is taking his anger out on the drums -the drummer never leaves the cymbals, yet at the same time it sounds like the beats on the drum are too fast for one person to be doing it -the saxophone has a very long time leading the music -the tune just repeats itself over and over again, with little if any differentiation -the drummer has an even faster closing roll, very similar to ones in modern rock -can rarely hear the bass being played because of the drums Listening #3: “Off Minor”, by Thelonius Monk and John Coltrane -starts off quieter, but turns lous when the trumpets, drums, and saxophones join the piano, bass -is the slowest of the three Bee Bop selections I’ve listened to -the piano seems to be playing essentially the same melody over and over again, and the saxophone is more open to improvisation -like “Groovin’ High”, it seems like every instrument, with the exception of the bass, has its turn to lead the music -saxophone first -trumpet next -piano third -drum solo -and the entire ensemble plays out together to the end of the song
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Listening - Listening #1: "Groovin' High", by...

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