midterm review

midterm review - 1. ESSAY - explain concept of cross...

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1. ESSAY - explain concept of cross fertilization as it relates to discovery of jazz in north america (needs to be around 3/4 of page) discuss smaller plantations and that stuff 2. ESSAY - explain in detail the development of ragtime during 1800s changes, instrumentation, and cities 3. name the 4 major big band leaders in the Harlem renaissance and their contributions (1) Duke Ellington style an arrangement around the individual players and spoke out about equality and racial pride (2) Sam Wooding toured Europe and opened up the Soviet Bloc to Jazz music (3) Paul Whiteman introduced more people to jazz than any other person (4) Elmer Snowden opened up improvisational possibilities and started the band that Duke Ellington would eventually take over 4 THE ANSWER IS THE PLAYLETTE/PARODY WAS MOST IMPORTANT 5. identify 4 major people in Dixieland new Orleans era and identify what instruments each played (1) “King” Buddy Bolen played the cornet (2) Freddie Keppard played cornet (3) ‘King’ Joe Oliver played the trumpet (4) ‘Papa’ Jack Laine was a drummer 6. identify the following: mother of blues, father of blues, queen of
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midterm review - 1. ESSAY - explain concept of cross...

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