Oedipus Rex - William Vahey Rhetoric Literature Professor...

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Unformatted text preview: William Vahey Rhetoric Literature Professor Fleming 29 October 2007 Oedipus Rex Oedipus Rex had no control over his fate, mainly because he just wasnt aware of it. In the play Oedipus Rex , the gods controlled Oedipus as if he were a lab rat in their twisted controlled experiment. I think that Oedipus fate was pre- determined for him and that there was nothing that he could do to change it because he was too ignorant to learn it. When Oedipus learned what he thought was his fate, he went on a tirade to change it. But by trying to change it he only secured himself into it. When he found out that he would eventually murder his father and marry his mother, Oedipus thought he could deter that by running away from the people who he thought were his parents. What he didnt know was that as a baby his real father sent for him to die but was delivered to a shepherd who brought him to Polybus, King of Corinth. Polybus then adopted him as his son and raised him all his life. It was only natural for Oedipus to be tricked into thinking that Polybus was his real father. There was no way that he could have known his past or affected his future as a baby. He was a help-less child....
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Oedipus Rex - William Vahey Rhetoric Literature Professor...

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