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Jose Leon PSY 2012-B Prof. Jorge L. Gonzalez Term Project 1. Personal Strengths and Weaknesses. I had to discard a certain portion of my modesty before undertaking this crusade, and everything I state here has been echoed by someone else I know. Even so, enumerating my own strengths is a lot harder than listing my weaknesses. Most of my strengths sprout from the fact that I’m very intelligent. I’m not proclaiming I’m a member of MENSA or anything (I might be, who knows) but I am intelligent. That being said, I’m an excellent communicator and I have great people skills. I interact well with all kinds of people no matter their background or status. I always say the right thing and I’m always up front with people, not because I’m not adept at dancing around issues, but because I’d rather not waste time. I’m a fairly good writer, or that’s what people tell me, because I always hate to read my own writing. I do recognize that other people seem to enjoy what I write, so much so that I’ve actually contemplated going into journalism after college. I have an excellent memory; it’s almost photographic and reading something once is usually enough for me. I effortlessly remember unimportant facts and memorize statistics from the NBA and MLB. I obsess about my passions, I don’t know if that’s a strength or a weakness but I do nonetheless. If I could find something I really enjoy and obsess about
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it, I’d be in great shape to say the least. But what could be my biggest strength is my sense of humor, which is cynical and sardonic…sometimes excessively so. My weaknesses, on the other hand are much more interesting. First and foremost, I’m lazy. I’m literally the epitome of laziness. And procrastination. I cannot get out of bed until I know for sure I’m going to be at least ten minutes late. It must be a psychological thing, good thing this is a psychology class, huh? I also have a tendency of feeling sorry for myself. Every time I suffer a shortfall or disappointment, I shut down. I’m paralyzed into a state of non-action. As of late, I’ve improved to where I only feel bad for a few minutes and then I can go on with my day. I just tell myself, “Whatever, life goes on”, and as a result, I’ve been able to make large strides in that respect. So time for the rankings it seems. Let’s say that out of ten people my academic skills would put me about midway. I should be the best, but since I’m lazy and I procrastinate, I’m not as academically inclined as I could be. Aptitudes? What kind of aptitudes? In general I’m maybe number one or two in this vague category, if the assignment is going to be vague then I’m going to be equally vague in return. Interpersonal skills? Definitely number one, no need for modesty when you really are the best. Doesn’t matter if I’m
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Term Project - Jose Leon PSY 2012-B Prof. Jorge L. Gonzalez...

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