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JOU1100 Prof. Sigale Chapter 2 Exercise 1 1. The committee submits its data this weekend and expects it to help the church. 2. She said the company failed to earn enough to repay its loans, and she does not expect it to reopen. 3. The jury reached its verdict at 1 a.m., concluding that the media were guilty of libeling the restaurant and its 22 employees. 4. The decision allowed the City Council to postpone its vote for a week, and it suggested that the site’s developer design a plan to save more trees. 5. A representative for the organization said it helps people who are on welfare obtain some job training and raise their self-esteem. Exercise 2 1. The woman’s car was parked nearby, and the sheriff’s deputy asked to see the owner’s driver’s license 2. The woman said she apposes assisted suicide “because a doctor’s job is to save peoples’ lives, not end them.” 3. Last year’s outstanding teacher insisted that people’s complaints about the school’s problem are mistaken.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Katrina Jones’ parents said their younger children’s teacher earned her bachelor’s degree in philosophy and her master’s degree in education. 5. Everyone’s money was stolen, and the neighborhood association’s president warned that the police are no longer able to guarantee the people’s safety in the city’s poorest neighborhoods. Exercise 3 1. The Board of Trustees voted 8-1 during an emergency meeting Thursday morning to fire the college president for his sexual misconduct. 2. When the guests arrived, the hotel manager took their bags to their rooms. 3. At the Unitarian church Sunday, the union representative urged Americans to support better working conditions for the nation’s migrant workers. 4. A thorn bush ripped a hole in her shirt as Jill jogged around campus. 5. A suspect in the burglary case involving two lawn mowers stolen from a hardware store was arrested after a high-speed chase....
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