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Core 4 final...coup de grace - Delis ENC1102 Graphic...

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Delis ENC1102 Graphic Graphics In 1976 the world changed forever. This isn’t one of those phony proclamations at the beginning of a vacuum cleaner ad or a Showtime rotisserie grill infomercial. This event actually changed the face of existence. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone back then with the same opinion however. Who would’ve thought that a pair of glowing lines on a television screen bouncing a white block back and forth would spawn a multi billion dollar video game industry? In 1976, Pong was released and millions of people received their first does of digital entertainment, what was to be the beginning of lucrative and legal trade of virtual heroin. Of course, with every great invention eventually comes great comes controversy. The digital entertainment boom is no exception. As of late the most of it seems to be centered on the proliferation of graphic and violent video games, and whether or not to regulate their creation and distribution. It comes as no surprise when one actually sits down to think about it (actually, sitting down is optional, but indulge yourself with this thought nonetheless) as the technology advances, the graphics become better. The sound immerses you in the game and the line between reality and electronic fantasy land that video games create becomes blurred. With this in mind, would it be far fetched to believe that an impressionable child or adolescent would act in the same manner in the real world as he would while playing a video game? In 2003, Devin Moore did just that, or at least that’s what his parents are trying to prove. Moore murdered a pair of police officers and a county dispatcher with shots to the head and fled in a police car. Once he was
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apprehended he remarked in a chillingly offhand manner "Life is like a video game. Everybody's got to die sometime” (Tresniowski). But wait, I know what you’re thinking. Video games aren’t supposed to be about gunning down officers of the law, they’re supposed to feature Italian plumbers in matching jumpsuits and blue hedgehogs fighting for what’s good and right. Well, let me welcome you first to the year 2006, population: the rest of the world. Blasting Nazis in France with period specific weaponry and slicing demons in half with a chainsaw is business as usual for your average gamer. Halo 2, the most popular game of 2004 and 2005 consists of a one man army driving back alien invaders. The game in question in the Devin Moore case is the über-violent Grand Theft Auto 3, and gunning down officers of
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Core 4 final...coup de grace - Delis ENC1102 Graphic...

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