Rise of republican party

Rise of republican party - The story of the Republican...

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The story of the Republican Party is an interesting one to say the least. Now known as one of the two major parties in American politics, the Republican Party as we know it today had some extremely humble roots. Just like everything in American history, indeed history overall, the rise of the Republican Party can be traced back over a long length of time to an almost innumerable amount of factors. The door for the Republican Party to walk into American politics was opened with the demise of the Federalist Party, one of the two original parties after the constitution was ratified, the other of course being the Democratic-Republican (The Democratic- Republicans, would eventually lop the second part of their name off becoming simply, the Democrat Party). Eventually in 1834, the “Two-Party system” was reborn with the establishment of the Whig party. The Whig Party’s National power stance was created in response to the Democrat Party, which was mostly a states right platform. Eventually, the Whig party splintered into three different parties. The first of these parties is the Cotton Whigs. The Cotton Whigs were the most peculiar of the three groups owing to the fact that instead of having a stance on slavery, they didn’t care either way. As long as they got the goods and services they were accustomed to, they were happy. The fact that in a time where slavery was such a divisive issue and they had no opinion either way makes them the stranger of the three
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Rise of republican party - The story of the Republican...

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