OCB1010 Chapters 10-15

OCB1010 Chapters 10-15 - Test #3 - Chapters 10-14 Chapter...

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Test #3 - Chapters 10-14 Chapter 10 1. Define and give examples of: habitat, population, and community. Habitat- The natural environment where and organism lives- swamp Population- a group of organisms belonging to the same species and living in the same place- school of fish Community- The populations that live and interact in an area- Multiple schools of fish in a pond. 2. What is an ecological niche? The fullrange of ecological characteristics of a species, such as it’s feeding habits, specific habitat, and reproductive strategy. 3. Define and give examples of: predation, commensalisms, parasitism, mutualism, and symbiosis. Predation- The act of an animal, or predator, eating another organism, or prey. Commensalisms- The type of symbiosis in which one species obtains shelter, food, or other benefits without affecting the other, or host. Parasitism- the type of symbiosis in which one partner, the parasite, derives benefit from the other, the host. Mutualism- symbiosis where both partners benefit from the relationship. Symbiosis- a close relationship between two species. 4. What are the differences between an autotroph, a heterotroph, and primary production? An autotroph makes its own energy, while a heterotroph uses respiration to create energy. A primary producer is the beginning of the food chain. 5. Explain the relationship between the food chain, energy, and trophic levels. A food chain is the steps of transfer of energy from primary producers through consumer. Energy is the ability to do work. Trophic levels are each of the steps in the food chain. 6. Explain the function of decomposers. Organisms that break down dead organic matter into smaller molecules. 7. What is the relationship between primary production and photosynthesis? What is the function of chlorophyll? Photosynthesis is a type of primary
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OCB1010 Chapters 10-15 - Test #3 - Chapters 10-14 Chapter...

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