OCB1010 Study Questions Test 4

OCB1010 Study Questions Test 4 - Test#4-Chapters 15-19...

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Test #4 -Chapters 15-19 Chapter 15 1. What is the difference between pelagic and epipelagic? Pelagic is the open ocean while epipelagic is the upper layer of the pelagic, down to about 200 meters. 2. What are the main primary producers in the open ocean? Phytoplankton. 3. What are plankton, phytoplankton, and zooplankton? Plankton- primary producers and consumers that float with the current. Phytoplankton- plankton that perform photosynthesis. Zooplankton- Plankton that consume. 4. What major groups make up the zooplankton? Protozoan, copepods, other crustaceans, non crustaceans, and meroplankton zooplankton. 5. Why do plankton float? Phytoplankton have to float to grab light for photosynthesis. Zooplankton and nekton float to eat the phytonplankton… obviously. 6. What is the purpose of countershading? Dark on top, light on the bottom. Allows the organism to blend in no matter what angle it’s viewed at. 7. What is the function of the rete mirabile? “Wonderful net”, a system of blood vessels in warm blooded fish. 8. Explain vertical migration in zooplankton. Vertically migrating zooplankton stay below the photic zone during the day. At night they migrate to the surface to feed. 9. What is the relationship between DOM and bacteria? Bacteria are the only organisms that can eat Dissolved Organic matter. Eventually they’re eaten by protozoans in nanoplankton. 10. What are the most important limiting nutrients in Open Ocean? Light. 11.
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OCB1010 Study Questions Test 4 - Test#4-Chapters 15-19...

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