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Mesozoic sea level was highest during this period. Cretaceous Large dinosaur bones are jacketed with plaster . This cabin was constructed of dinosaur bones: Como Bluff, Wyoming Dinosaurs are: archosaurian reptiles The ancestry of dinosaurs offered here divided the Tetrapoda into two major groups, the non-amniotes and the amniotes TRUE The first name in the binomial species name identifies its genus Inferior or lateral temporal fenestra refers to the lower opening of temporal region of the skull. Cycads and ginkgoes can no longer be found in Florida FALSE If Osborn’s 1912 theory of dinosaur coloration based on skin textural patterns is correct, dinosaurs exhibited varied skin pigmentation TRUE Dimetrodon is a famous synapsid characterized by a sail of skin stretched across the back’s neural spines. Immersion of a scale dinosaur model in a graduated beaker of water will give you the model’s displacement volume. The metatarsals are the bones between the tarsals and phalanges TRUE . During the Mesozoic, these plants would have dominated dry, cool regions with poor soils conifers Hatchlings weighing less than 1 kilogram are estimated to have increased their body weight as adults by 400 to over 2000 times their hatchling weight TRUE Watson and Crick discovered the double helix nature of DNA in 1953 TRUE . Gregor Mendel ALL OF THESE These bryophytes are non-vascular plants TRUE. Most or all feathered dinosaurs have been found in this country China Dinosaur nesting sites are called rookeries A phylogeny is a family tree or genealogy of taxa
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This man chose the name Dinosauria for the new group of reptiles that we know today as dinosaurs Richard Owen. Posterior means pertaining toward the rear end of the dinosaur. The axis of a dinosaur aligned along the head-neck-body-tail, an imaginary plane dividing the dinosaur into two equal bilateral parts, is called the midline The Reptilia include two important clades, the Anapsida and the Diapsida, and all their descendents TRUE The greatest number of egg sites occur in South America FALSE The bearded individual is Charles Darwin The five long vertical bones of the front foot of Diplodocus are the metacarpals. Which of the following is a tetrapod all of these. No dinosaur has ever been found with a large portion of the skin fossilized FALSE During the Late Cretaceous forests grew in coastal Antarcitca and in Canada as far north as 85 degrees N latitude. TRUE These two lower leg bones of the Allosaurus hind limbs are the fibula and tibia Seed ferns were and important food source for Late Triassic herbivores of Gondwana TRUE . Although dinosaur skin impressions such as this are rare, most fossils preserving skin detail exhibit variable textures This individual made an enormous collection of dinosaur footprints from the Connecticut River Valley and published illustrations of them in 1858: Edward Hitchcock This river valley is a remnant of a former Triassic failed rift Connecticut River Valley This is the site of a dinosaur quarry in the Garden Park area of Colorado. This famous site
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DINOSAURStest2notes - Mesozoic sea level was highest during...

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