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Relate cellular respiration, and photosynthesis to the concepts presented in Ch. 8. What is the basic reaction of Respiration? Understand the difference between Respiration and Fermentation What are redox reactions and how do they affect the energy level of molecules? What is oxidation? Reduction? A reducing agent? An oxidizing agent? What are the major steps of respiration and where do they occur? How are they connected? How is ATP synthesized? What is substrate level-phosphorylation? What is oxidative phosphorylation? How is most ATP synthesized? How does NAD+ capture energy and how is that energy converted to ATP? You should the names of the starting and ending molecules for glycolysis, citric acid cycle and electron transport How does the electron transport chain relate to chemiosmosis and ATP
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Unformatted text preview: synthesis. How does ATP synthase work? You should know the steps of those same processes, but you dont have to know the names of enzymes and intermediate products. Focus on counting carbons (then a carbon is removed, leaving a 2 C molecule), knowing when Phosphate groups are attached and removed, and when energy is harvested (and how). You should know how much energy is harvested in each step. Why do cells engage in fermentation? How do we utilize fermentation in our own cells? How do we harness fermentation in other organisms llike Yeast to produce commercially valuable products? How can other organic molecules than Glucose be used as fuel? How can respiration be connected to anabolic pathways?...
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