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American Heritage Study guide Jamestown-first permanent English settlement in the New world. 80% of men died; lead by Captain John Smith. 1607 Plymouth-1620, founded by separatists; signed mayflower compact before they even arrived Mayflower compact; written by the separatists aboard the mayflower in 1620. Compact (among equals) written in the presence of God for the purpose of establishing order. Religious document. Frame of laws and justice for the pilgrims. Consent of the freemen. Salem Covenant- 1629. covenant with God. Community already established. Puritans already have the notion of community and know that there will be more order when people in this community already know that law. Pilgrims- the separatists who sailed on the Mayflower to America to establish Plymouth colony. First went to Holland, then America so they could retain cultural identity. Wrote Mayflower compact to establish order before they landed. Puritans- wanted to purify the Church of England in contrast to the separatists. Established the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Calvinist; founded the Harvard university as a preacher school. John Winthrop- Redeemer Nation Idea: America is to be a light on a hill. Gave the speech, “A model of Christian Charity.” Puritan Leader. Believed in Covenant, that the new American nation was the new chosen people. Justice and mercy. Congregations and community. “a city on a hill”- said by john Winthrop in his speech “A model of Christian Charity. Redeemer nation mentality—beacon and example for the rest of the world. Providence along with the Calvinist ideal of predestination. Love ties the community together. America established for a
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American Heritage Study guide - American Heritage Study...

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