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1920-1934 Literature

1920-1934 Literature - 1920-1934 Literature In the mid...

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Unformatted text preview: 1920-1934 Literature In the mid 1920s the Harlem Renaissance launched the careers of several African American artists and poets. However, before this happened, African American poets had written poems in the traditional form, using rhythm and rhymes. During the Harlem Renaissance they continued to write in traditional forms, but changed the content of the poems entirely. Georgia Douglas Johnson was now considered the first major female African American poet of the twentieth century. She wrote about the painful hardships endured by a neglected but crucial sector of America. In 1925, F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby was published. He was twenty-eight when he began work on the novel. World War I was over and America was moving towards "normalcy" and away from war. The main theme of The Great Gatsby would be the hollowness of the "American Dream" and the tragedy of the man whose belief in it destroys him. It also tells the tale in the classical mold of Greek tragedy. The narrative techniques and style that Fitzgerald uses wins him many admirers. Fitzgerald developed a technique that is often imitated. The story is told by a character inside of the tale but it's not the author. The narrator becomes real to the reader. The narrator experiences conflicts, interprets, analysis's, and reacts to the tale just like any one of us would, making them feel even more real. Ernest Hemingway's successful career as a writer began in the mid 1920s. His writings were plain, simple sentences, and few adjectives or verbs. His style is often imitated. Hemingway also created a type of hero called the "Hemingway Hero" who faced violence and destruction with courage. The unemotional behavior even in dangerous situations became known as the "Hemingway Code". ...
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