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I. Social mobility a. Huge disparities between haves and have nots b. Globalization two country world analogy and CEO salaries c. Purchasing power and borrowing d. Tax credits and tax deductions e. Limited government = increased regulation, increased litigation, and increased tax deductions f. Eminent domain g. Bankruptcy Estate tax and death tax, your estate is taxed after you die. 'Benedict Arnold' corporation refer to companies who set up shell operations in a tax haven --- usually a tiny island nation which charges little or no corporate income tax --- simply to avoid paying U.S. taxes. Individual income taxes: huge disparities between individuals; Top 10% pay 66% of entire tax revenue of US population. A huge number of U.S. citizens hardly pay any taxes. Most Americans tolerate disparity as long as there is social mobility. Tax Deductions: Itemizing, tend to benefit those with higher income. IRS is a regulatory body. Eminent domain: using something for the greater good. Economic development Cultural reasons Condemned/public blight Example of eminent domain: 2005; Kelo v. New London Connecticut, economic development cannot be the only reason for eminent domain. I. Equal Protection and the Incorporation Doctrine II. The 1 st Amendment and… a. Religion in public places and public money b. Intelligent design c. Assembly and “God Hates Fags” d. Speech i. Active v. symbolic ii. Commercial iii. Slander, libel iv. Art v. pornography v. Prior restraint Civil liberties v. civil rights Liberties: allow you to be free in a free society; your ability to participate in a free society.
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Civil rights act/voting rights: removes obstacles for people participating in a free society. Ex. Women’s right to vote 19 th Amendment Ideally, we should live in a society without the need for civil rights because it should be a free society. Equal Protection: way of avoiding discrimination; discrimination keeps you from being free Amendment I: Federal law cannot be passed that violates freedom of religion. Incorporation Doctrine: based on the 14 th Amendment “No State shall make any law that deprives a citizen of their rights” or civil liberties. Bill of Rights: First 10 Amendments, essential civil liberties. Secularism: to keep government out of religion Religion in public places: allowing Christian groups but not others to use a public school; not constitutional. “God Hates Fags”: try to picket at soldiers’ funerals in order to combat this, Regulation is used. Cursing in public: an act of prior restraint Cannot yell fire is a crowded theater. This is an example of active speech, because “fire” rouses an action. Symbolical speech: Examples are tattoos of swastikas. Art v. Pornography
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poli sci study guide 2 - I Social mobility a Huge...

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