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History Notes for Lecture 2 Exam 1800, as a result of the Alien and Sedition acts, the voters through the Federalists out. In 1800, Thomas Jefferson tied for electoral votes, so the votes went to the House. William Marbury, 1803. “Midnight Appointees”: appointed last minute by Adams. Madison: Secretary of State, was supposed to allow Marybury in, but didn’t. Marbury sues Madison: 1803. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: John Marshall (Thomas Jefferson’s cousin). John Marshall is a Federalist and doesn’t like Thomas Jefferson. Precedent: first time doing something. Marshall rules that Marbury should get his job, but the law that created that job is unconstitutional. Marshall set a good precedent in that the court interprets the law “judicial review.” In 1803, Americans were worried about a war based on a piece of land smaller than the city of Maryville; known as the City of New Orleans. New Orleans was run by the French: Napoleon; New Orleans is a major port. In lieu of this, Jefferson sent two men to Paris to discuss New Orleans. Napoleon wants to sell the land. In Haiti, a slave revolt is occurring against the French. “Mosquitoes and ice”: ports are frozen in France, so they cannot send help to soldiers in Haiti. Most soldiers die due to tropical fevers. Munroe and Livingston are authorized to spend 2 million dollars to rent the land, they are offered Louisiana for 15 million. War of 1812: disaster, country was split. New England did not even participate. December 1814: Hartford Convention, Federalists in New England discussed breaking away. “Federalists must not be real Americans”: the convention killed the Federalist Party. Era of Good Feelings: One party is left: Republicans/Jeffersonians. James Munroe: President Bank of US II is formed: we need a bank and we need a national road. The first national road went east to west and then built the second national road that went North-South. Tariff: protects industry, a duty on imported goods to protect manufacturing here. Munroe appointed: John Quincy Adams as Secretary of State. Munroe Doctine: written by J.Q. Adams; centerpiece of foreign diplomacy. US will not allow outside interference in the Western Hemisphere. We get Florida in 1819.
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Andrew Jackson was crazy, he invaded Florida to attack and kill the Indians. Jackson hated Indians, he moved peaceful Indians from the SE to Oklahoma. Cherokee in Georgia; Georgia tried to kick them out so Cherokee took them to court. Jackson passed the Indian Removal Act “Trail of Tears” Onis; Jackson gave Onis a bill for 5 million dollars and then took the land in Florida. 1819: depression occurs; Missouri wanted to be a state Slavery in the territories Hypocrisy in the US. Slavery was known as a ‘peculiar institution’
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History Notes for Lecture 2 Exam - History Notes for...

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