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Unformatted text preview: 1 A Literary Critique of: If it ain’t Broke.... Break it: By: Tim Daultrey 04/19/2008, 1:43AM This book was written in the mid 80's when the American economy was in somewhat of a slump, jobs were being off shored and the recent technology boom was raining chaos upon the already struggling business world. During this time of crisis it came into light that the current managerial system was old, outdated and in desperate need of revision. Realizing this much needed change, authors Robert J. Kriegel and Louis Patler co-authored a book championing ground breaking thinking and ingenuity through Unconventional Wisdom (which appears in capital letters throughout the book). While parts of this work are nothing short of inspirational, the countless case studies and examples grow tiresome, and at times the chapters become somewhat repetitive. However, the writing is simple and easy to understand, and the theme remains constant and flowing. This book starts of strong with a chapter overflowing with inspirational words and promises of ingenious ideas and new thoughts to come. The reason for the somewhat strange title is also explained. Kriegel maintains that the reason for much of the downfall the American economy experienced during the 80's was due to non-action, rather than mistakes being made....
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TD_critiqueofkriegel - 1 A Literary Critique of If it...

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