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Human Comm Midterm SG

Human Comm Midterm SG - COMM 3210 Human Communication...

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COMM 3210 Human Communication Theory Study Guide – Exam 1 Exam Date – February 21, 2008 This is a list of terms and ideas from the readings and lectures. You need to review the readings as well as the lectures. Find the places in the reading and/or notes where each concept is discussed. For each term make sure that you know what is being discussed. This means not just being able to give the specific definition offered in the reading or lecture (if there was one), but being able to put these ideas into your own language and apply them to specific communicative events or situations. A good exercise in preparing for the exam would be to think about a specific communicative event (a classroom lecture, watching TV, talking to a friend) and to try to think about these concepts in relation to that – how would they fit? What would they tell you? Craig – How we talk about how we talk Communication culture What does this mean o It means we live in a culture that is particularly self- conscious and reflexive about communication, and that generates large quantities of metadiscourse about it. It is automatically “good to talk”- but at the same time it is natural to make judgments about which kinds of talk are good and which are less good. People aspire to communicate “better.” What are some reasons for claiming we live in a communication culture o Commercials on TV for drugs, “Talk to your kids about drugs.” “Talk to your doctor about getting prescribed Ambien.” o The idea that human problems are due to bad communication and can be fixed by good communication is a cultural principle in which we value. Metadiscourse What is this o Reflexive talk about communication- common in everyday interaction, serves many practical purposes. It describes something that we all do constantly. o A technical term for what we do when we reflexively talk about talk for some pragmatic purpose. o It comprises a large array of communicative practices that perform a variety of functions in everyday interaction. How does this relate to discourse or communication o The themes of talk and communication are often associated in public discourse with conflict and failure, problems of communication, judgments about the quality or success of communication, and urgent pleas for better communication. o The quality of meta discourse depends largely on a common metacommunicative vocabulary in which communication problems and practical remedies can be intelligibly formulated. 1
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Communication as a frame What does this mean o “[t]o frame is to select some aspects of a perceived reality and make them more salient in a communicating text, in such a way as to promote a particular problem definition, causal interpretation, moral evaluation, and/or treatment recommendation.” (Entman, 1993, p. 52)- how you frame the problem, is a function of how you talk about it. Katrina- you could frame it in a meteorological point of view (act of
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Human Comm Midterm SG - COMM 3210 Human Communication...

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